Zwelihle Unrest and the Refugee’s in the Sandbaai Hall March 2018

In March 2018 following unrest in the Zwelihle area a group of residence had to evacuate their homes, grabbing just the necessary items

A total of 750 people plus children arrived at the Sandbaai Hall. I established a list of all who came there and detail from all the people.

There were people of all ages from elderly in their 80’s to new born babies.

The community were really amazing bringing all sorts of supplies to assist, including toys for the children. The people assisted with cooking and entertaining the children.

It was so special to see how the refugees stood together and had such a thankful and happy attitude amidst the circumstances.

During this we assisted various people to be attended to medically and the ambulance service were extremely efficient and quick for which we were very grateful. The incidents varied from a young mother starting to give birth to elderly collapsing, epileptic fits, and a very young being very ill.

It was a really great privilege for me and 1 Life Rescue to have had the opportunity to run the centre and provide guidance and support , as well as the emotional support to these people under the very traumatic conditions.